What is a bocadillo?

Que es un bocadillo?

  Cana y Bocadillo - Author?  

Bocadillo de calamares is a traditional informal meal in Madrid, Spain. The drink of choice is a cool beer.


Bocadillo de Tortilla de Patatas, on a small bread roll (pan francés), is made with egg and potato baked pie (like an egg omlette).


Bocadillos were one of my favorite meals while living in Madrid, Spain. Eaten with a cool beer at any neighborhood tapas bar or sidewalk cafe is part of everyday life in Spain. Unlike the American version of a cold cuts sandwich, the ingredients of a bocadillo are usually made fresh daily on location.

Tapas usually a small dish with a variety of small pieces of fish, olives, tortilla, cheeses, or meats are another staple of a casual lifestyle in Spain.




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